(the delusional ways of S.)

"no good deed goes unpunished" #borderline personality disorder


I missed her 5 phone calls. I texted back, saying I was busy and can’t pick up right now, call later? Text back from her;


Again 8 missed calls. Another text from me; 

-I can't pick up, Is their something urgent going on, can you say it on here? 

-If you don’t pick up now I will cut my wrists and bleed to death!!!

-don’t say weird shit, is there some urgency?

-I just cut myself am bleeding all over my keyboard if youjsorbnodidy hdbik ji...)7hdudb....


-Are you okay? Can you say something?


I rushed to finish what I was doing and called her, about 30 minutes later (I knew she wasn’t suicidal, just in some state). 

She answered with a cheerful voice, Hello!

-So, it takes you half an hour to come to my rescue, you cunt.....you are lucky I didn’t cut myself deep enough!

For 2 days she stuck to her story, later, on skype, I asked her to remove the bandaid she carefully applied, and show her wrists, there was nothing there, no wound or cut to be seen...but still she held me accountable for her ‘suicide’...up until the day she vanished again.