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“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.”  Susan Sontag



'if nothing saves us from death, at least let love save us from life'  Pablo Neruda



(noun) ; of, or relating to, an often excessive veneration of ancestors or tradition.

The prints from the 'filiopietism' series are now for sale. Photographed on hand-made film by Lomig Perrotin/Washi. Hand-printed on 50x60 cm Ilford classic FB paper and selenium toned. Mounted on 1mm PVC, framed in black wooden frames with a light grey/beige passe-partout with a black core. Print size 50x60 cm, frame size 60x70 cm. 

Per print/frame € 450,- (6 % BTW/VAT included)


To order, click on one of the photos below, and e-mail the title at;  

no title (#3)

no title (#2)

freedom's safest place

no title (#1)


surface itself has no content

all we see,


divides us.


The loss of a right through the course of time

the Brighton limit

you guyzzz...

"Selfies....because shamelessly flaunting your narcissism is trendy...."

dreams, memories and deeds

the concept of truth

in my studio